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17th February 2018


These  courses  are  run  by  the FIRST CALL MEDICAL TRAINING,  and  can  be  arranged  either  for  individuals  or  groups  (minimum 10, maximum 15).   This  12  hour  course  costs  45.00  per  head  inclusive  of  manual.

CONTACT 07946 108967

15th February 2018

In Service

The SFA will be holding small sided games workshops at Oriam on Monday 26th February 2018 from 7pm - 8pm.
Please login to SFA Live to book onto one of the events

  •   Nines 9s
  •   Soccer 7s
  •   Football 4s

By booking using SFA Live you will be given CCD credit - scotfa.co/CourseBooking

The SYFA have released rules for Nines 9s to be played in March 2018. Please download by clicking here.

14th February 2018

ESSDA Winter Football

The last round of matches for Sunday 18th February 2018 are available on line now at Fixtures Page

10th February 2018

ESSDA Season 2018

The application deadline for ESSDA teams for 2018 has now gone, but there are still many teams who have not even applied to join ESSDA and many who have not confirmed their applications. I have had just over 300 teams applying and I expect at least another 50!
The season starts on the w/e of 3rd / 4th March 2018 and I will publish the fixtures before that.

After I publish the fixtures, I won't be able to immediately add new teams, so if your applications are not in you will miss at least the first few weeks of the season.  PLEASE APPLY NOW TO AVOID DISAPPOINTMENT. Please don't wait until your SYFA membership is confirmed to apply, but please continue to complete your SYFA application as you must be SYFA registered by March 2018 to be able to play.

You can check your applications at the registration page. Please don't write/call and ask me as I will just tell you what is on the website.

8th February 2018

Postage - Recorded Delivery

Why oh why do you send things recorded delivery? What do you think this achieves?
It does not speed up delivery as if I am not here it is not delivered.

The two envelopes of applications sent by recorded delivery will now not be picked up in time and your applications are officially late and deserve to be excluded from the upcoming schedule.

Two applications came with insufficient postage and have been withheld by Royal Mail.  Like the missed recorded delivery, your applications are now late and you too should be excluded from the upcoming schedule.
Why should I have to pay the fine and excess postage and hold up everyone else because of your stupidity and incompetence?

I will publish the names of all postage offenders and perhaps next time you will do things properly.

The deadline for applications was today, 8th February 2018. If your applications were withheld by Royal Mail - tough!

5th February 2018

Pre-Season Friendlies

Only clubs which are properly SYFA registered and confirmed SYFA registered should be playing pre-season friendlies . You can check your registration status on the SYFA website or on the ESSDA registration page (which might not be completely up to date).

To play non ESSDA clubs, you will require ESSDA permission and/or SYFA permission. See permission page.

5th February 2018

ESSDA Applications and SYFA Applications

I have approved all SYFA applications which have been submitted to ESSDA (94 clubs!). These clubs are now waiting for SYFA approval. Check the status of your SYFA and ESSDA application on the Registration Page.

To allow me to draw up fixture lists for the new season starting in March, please apply to ESSDA now while you wait for SYFA approval.
I have extended the ESSDA deadline to 8th February 2018 - but I need some time to complete my work. Please apply now using on line forms here.

I promised to keep 2006 (12s) updated on applications. So far 26 clubs have submitted 52 applications - predominantly for Nines 9s.

2006s (12s) Pele Maradona Zidane Beckham
Nines 9s 9 16 15 4
Soccer 7s 5 1 1 1

5th February 2018

ESSDA Applications for 2018

Applications for ESSDA 2018 are now open. All teams should apply to join ESSDA now using the online applications here. Applications are due in by mid February.

All Clubs except 2006 (12).
All Clubs must register with SYFA for the new 2018 season. Applications should open today https://www.scottishfalive.co.uk/syfa/login.cfm
All Clubs require one SYFA registration per age group.  Clubs who play in two associations require two SYFA registrations (eg ELSSDA & ESSDA).

All 2006 (12s) Clubs.
The 2006 SYFA registration for 2017 will carry forward to the First Half of 2018 so there is no need to register with SYFA at this time.
When applying to join ESSDA, please select your required format of football as well as division. I will regularly publish requests received so far. To allow the final divisions and format of football to be agree early, please get your initial applications in before the end of January. You will be able to change your initial selection before the divisions are finalised.

Applications for Soccer 7s and 9v9s can be found here.
Applications for Super 5s and Football 4s can be found here.

3rd January 2018

PVG Session

ESSDA will be holding a PVG Session at Craigroyston CYFC Clubrooms, Muirhouse Parkway, on Monday 15th January 2018

Any coach who wants to attend should book a place using Contact Us link.

For a complete list of required ID, see PVG Page. Please make sure you are listed on your club SYFA registration and bring along a signed SYFA Official Form.

Thank you to Craigroyston CYFC for hosting this event.

1st January 2018

Social Media

Have you tried Facebook to keep in touch with ESSDA?
I am not very good at Twitter, but I try to add news items to keep the world up to date with ESSDA news.

31st December 2017

SYFA Registration 2018

SYFA Registration will open soon for all ESSDA Clubs. All Clubs must register with SYFA for the 2018 season,
Exception is 2006 as they only play with ESSDA for half a season . They register with SYFA through SERYFA in the middle of the year.

To be able to register, you will need to have coaches with an SFA Level 2 qualification and a valid First Aid Certificate.
All coaches will have to be PVG Scheme Members with SYFA. You no longer get any "days of grace" so please get PVG Checked now!

All teams will need to register with ESSDA and 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 will have to select which division they want to play in.

Age group 12s (2006) are not allowed to play 11 a side football until after the SFA transition festival in May 2018.
Any rumour of a Transitional 11 a side League for 2006s (12s) in March 2018 are entirely false.
The SFA/SYFA Player Pathway does not allow 12s to play 11 a side football before the transitional festival in May 2018.

31st December 2017

PVG Scheme Membership

The SYFA recently announced a revised PVG Scheme Membership application process.

All officials will be emailed an SYFA Official Form when their details are added to the SYFA Registration System by their Club.
All officials must be added to the SYFA Registration System prior to the PVG Application

The SYFA Official Form must be signed by the Official and the Club and brought along when the PVG Scheme Application is being completed. The signed SYFA Official Form will then be signed by the Additional Signatory and submitted with the PVG Scheme Membership application.

A birth certificate is no longer a compulsory piece of ID required to complete a PVG application.

For more information and a list of required ID, please see the PVG page.

24th December 2017

Happy Christmas to all!


23rd December 2017

ESSDA Winter Football



Applications for ESSDA Winter Football is now open. Application will close on 21st December 2017.
Your place will be confirmed on receipt of your application and payment AND confirmed membership of SYFA for 2107.
All teams playing in ESSDA Winter Football MUST have completed their 2018 SYFA registration.

Clubs should apply and pay now to guarantee their place at ESSDA Winter Football but they must subsequently complete their SYFA 2018 Membership before being able to play Winter Football.

There will be four separate events:
 - World of Football at Chesser on Sunday mornings for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
 - Soccer City at Mayfield on Sunday mornings for 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009
 - Soccer City at Mayfield on Saturday mornings for 2010
 - Riccarton Campus on Sunday mornings for 2010

Clubs will initially be limited to 5 teams at any age group at any venue (unless venue is not filled)..
The 2010 age groups will play Football 4s while older age groups will play 5 a side football.

The event will start on the weekend of 13th/14th January 2018 and will last 6 weeks until weekend of 17th/18th February 2018

To apply go to the Forms page or the Winter Football page or by clicking here.

17th December 2017

SFA / SYFA Player Pathway

At meetings over the last few days, it has been proposed to make changes to the SFA/SYFA Player Pathway in 2018.

2006s 12s
Instead of playing Soccer 7s from March  to June 2018, this group now has the option to play 9v9

2007s 11s
Soccer 7s from March to June 2018 - First Half of 2018
9v9 from August  to December 2018 - Second Half of 2018
9v9 from March  to June 2019 - First Half of 2019

Further age groups will play
Soccer 7s for the First Half of their 11s age group,
9v9 for the Second Half of their 11s age group
9v9 for the First Half of their 12s age group.

The 9v9s game will play as close to 11v11 laws as possible, on smaller pitches but with regular Soccer 7s goals.

I will organise meetings in early January 2018 to allow 2006s squads to decide on options:-
a) Continue to play Soccer 7s in 2018 First Half
b) Move to play 9v9 in 2018 First Half
c) A mixture of a) and b)

There is absolutely no option for 2006s 12s to play 11v11 before May 2018.

This change came as a surprise to me today and  I don't yet understand the full implications on Clubs in ESSDA and on ESSDA fixtures.

22nd November 2017

ESSDA 2017 Annual General Meeting

The ESSDA AGM for season 2017 will take place on Sunday 26h November 2017 at 7:30pm at Gyle Rec, Gyle Playing Fields.
Please note this meeting is not at the Jewel Miners Club but at Gyle Park.
As you enter Gyle Park from Glasgow Road it is in the first building on the left.

All Clubs are invited to attend. The agenda will be published prior to the meeting.

Nominations for the ESSDA Committee or items for the agenda should be sent to me.

8th October 2017

Football 4s, Fun 5s, Soccer 7s

ESSDA is a small sided football association.
SYFA are currently undertaking a pilot with WLSSDA and FSSDA who are playing 9 a side football. ESSDA is NOT part of this pilot and ESSDA teams should not be playing 9 a side football.  ESSDA teams must follow the SFA/SYFA Player Pathway.

11 a side football by ESSDA teams is not permitted, In particular, age group 2006 must not play 11 a side football until after the SFA in service session in May 2018. Any teams playing 11 a side football are not playing authorised football and their games will not be covered by their insurance.  Any reports of 2006 age group teams playing 11 a side football will be forwarded to Hampden. 
These teams can expect to be fined and suspended. 

7th October 2017

SYFA First Aid Courses:

SYFA First Aid Courses at Redford Barracks on 7th and 21 October 2017 will start at 9:30am.

28th July 2017

Non-recent Child Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football

Following a number of allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in Scottish football, the Scottish FA have commissioned an Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football.

Anyone wanting to be involved with the Review, please see the attached leaflets

SFA Independent Review (Clubs)

SFA Independent Review (Parents)

8th February 2017

Football Festivals

Teams playing in friendlies or festivals are reminded that they should have the necessary permissions in place before the event - see Permission page.

For details of upcoming festivals, see the Festivals page.

  •   Kildrum United  Annual Festival of Football in June over 2 weekends (10th, 11th & 17th, 18th). 

25th September 2016

ESSDA Fixtures

Please complete a match report to describe good performances not just when you feel disappointed.

14th August 2016


Sadly I am still being sent forms with insufficient postage.
A single first class stamp is not sufficient for a large envelope
, even a large envelope with a single sheet of paper.
A large envelope needs a large envelope stamp. An extra large (foolscap) envelope requires even more stamps.

With insufficient postage, I need to:

  1. Go to the Post Office Sorting Office to pick up the letter
  2. Pay the excess postage
    The excess fine is now a fixed charge of 2 or 3

A 1st class letter requires a 60p stamp. A second class letter requires 50p stamp.
A 1st class large letter requires 90p stamp. A second class large letter requires 69p stamp.
A second class letter in a foolscap envelope is classed as a small parcel and requires 2.80 stamp
. A large letter stamp is not sufficient for a foolscap letter!

A large letter enclosing many forms and photocopies may require more postage.

Today, I had to pay 3.00 excess postage for the privilege of picking up an SYFA A/F at the post office just to sign and forward to Hampden.

Unlike me, Hampden will not pay excess postage on a letter sent to them, so the letter goes uncollected.  Please ensure you put sufficient stamps on any letter.
Please avoid using extra large (foolscap) envelopes unless you are sending 200 pages of A4 and then ensure you have the correct stamps.

14th August 2016

Supplementary and Playing Rules

Rules for Soccer 7s, Super 5s and Football 4s are contained in the SYFA Supplementary and Playing Rules on the SYFA website.

See http://www.scottishyouthfa.co.uk/images/document-downloads/supplementary/Supplementary-Playing-Rules-2015-2016.pdf

pdf-icon Player Pathway Small Sided Games Rules 2015
pdf-icon SYFA SFA Player Pathway 4v4
pdf-icon SYFA SFA Player Pathway 7v7
pdf-icon SYFA SFA Player Pathway 11v11

Some highlights -

  •  Goalkeepers must not kick from hand. This applies to Super 5s and Soccer 7s
  •  Age group 9s and 10s use Kick Ins and not Throw Ins. A Kick In is a short side foot pass, not a lump up the field.
  •  Super 5s is 5 v 5 including a goalkeeper. Bring substitutes if you want, but just because each team has 2 subs, please don't play 7 v 7

Archive News material can be found on the new News Archive page.


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