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17th May 2018

ESSDA Meeting

The regular ESSDA Quarterly Meeting will be at Gyle Park (home of Beechwood FC)
on Sunday 27th May 2018 at 7:30pm

All clubs are invited to attend

1st May 2018

League Changes

I have received a number of requests to swap teams between leagues. I am trying to co-ordinate these changes to minimise the upheaval to other clubs. I will try to make the changes this weekend to take effect next weekend.

22nd April 2018

Formal Complaints

Anyone who wants to make a formal complaint about any aspect of ESSDA or ESSDA match must follow the SYFA Complaint Management System. This can be viewed at http://www.scottishyouthfa.co.uk/index.php/members-corner/complaints-management-system

Complaints must be made in writing to Hampden using the forms available on SYFA website.

The Complaint Process consists of several steps:

Stage 1) Discussion with the party the complaint is about
Stage 2) Telephone or email enquiry to SYFA
Stage 3)  Lodging a formal complaint with SYFA
Final Stage) Complaint referred to a senior person within SYFA

Feedback on ESSDA Matches can be made using the ESSDA Monitoring Form.

22nd April 2018

PVG Scheme Applications

All Team Officials must be PVG Scheme Members with SYFA.
With the help of Craigroyston CFC, ESSDA will be holding a PVG session for ESSDA coaches:-

Where: Craigroyston CFC club house
When:  Monday 30th April 2018 from 18:30 to 20:00

If you plan to attend, please:
a) Confirm you will be attending the session with ESSDA
b) Check the PVG page to see what documents you must bring to the PVG session

1st April 2018

Player Wanted

Place adverts for a new player on the Player Wanted page.

4th March 2018

Season 2018 First Half

Fixtures for Soccer 7s and Nines 9s are available on the Fixtures Page including fixtures for 2006 (12s) playing Soccer 7s

I have had to make some changes for Week 2 and beyond as some teams have had to fold. If other teams require to move divisions, please get in touch. I cannot promise to make the changes immediately, but I will try my best.
I'm looking for teams to move -
2007 Pele to Maradona
2008 Pele to Maradona

The Player Pathway rules are:

pdf-icon SYFA SFA 9v9
pdf-icon SYFA SFA Player Pathway 4v4 and 5v5
pdf-icon SYFA SFA Player Pathway 7v7

You can check your registration status at the Registration Page. Please also check the registration status of your opponents.

1st March 2018

Severe Bad Weather

Because of the current sever bad weather, SYFA have cancelled all matches over the weekend of 3rd/4th March 2018

17th February 2018


These  courses  are  run  by  the FIRST CALL MEDICAL TRAINING,  and  can  be  arranged  either  for  individuals  or  groups  (minimum 10, maximum 15).   This  12  hour  course  costs  45.00  per  head  inclusive  of  manual.

CONTACT 07946 108967

5th February 2018

Pre-Season Friendlies

Only clubs which are properly SYFA registered and confirmed SYFA registered should be playing pre-season friendlies . You can check your registration status on the SYFA website or on the ESSDA registration page (which might not be completely up to date).

To play non ESSDA clubs, you will require ESSDA permission and/or SYFA permission. See permission page.

1st January 2018

Social Media

Have you tried Facebook to keep in touch with ESSDA?
I am not very good at Twitter, but I try to add news items to keep the world up to date with ESSDA news.

31st December 2017

PVG Scheme Membership

The SYFA recently announced a revised PVG Scheme Membership application process.

All officials will be emailed an SYFA Official Form when their details are added to the SYFA Registration System by their Club.
All officials must be added to the SYFA Registration System prior to the PVG Application

The SYFA Official Form must be signed by the Official and the Club and brought along when the PVG Scheme Application is being completed. The signed SYFA Official Form will then be signed by the Additional Signatory and submitted with the PVG Scheme Membership application.

A birth certificate is no longer a compulsory piece of ID required to complete a PVG application.

For more information and a list of required ID, please see the PVG page.

17th December 2017

SFA / SYFA Player Pathway

At meetings over the last few days, it has been proposed to make changes to the SFA/SYFA Player Pathway in 2018.

2006s 12s
Instead of playing Soccer 7s from March  to June 2018, this group now has the option to play 9v9

2007s 11s
Soccer 7s from March to June 2018 - First Half of 2018
9v9 from August  to December 2018 - Second Half of 2018
9v9 from March  to June 2019 - First Half of 2019

Further age groups will play
Soccer 7s for the First Half of their 11s age group,
9v9 for the Second Half of their 11s age group
9v9 for the First Half of their 12s age group.

The 9v9s game will play as close to 11v11 laws as possible, on smaller pitches but with regular Soccer 7s goals.

I will organise meetings in early January 2018 to allow 2006s squads to decide on options:-
a) Continue to play Soccer 7s in 2018 First Half
b) Move to play 9v9 in 2018 First Half
c) A mixture of a) and b)

There is absolutely no option for 2006s 12s to play 11v11 before May 2018.

This change came as a surprise to me today and  I don't yet understand the full implications on Clubs in ESSDA and on ESSDA fixtures.

28th July 2017

Non-recent Child Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football

Following a number of allegations of non-recent child sexual abuse in Scottish football, the Scottish FA have commissioned an Independent Review of Sexual Abuse in Scottish Football.

Anyone wanting to be involved with the Review, please see the attached leaflets

SFA Independent Review (Clubs)

SFA Independent Review (Parents)

14th August 2016


Sadly I am still being sent forms with insufficient postage.
A single first class stamp is not sufficient for a large envelope
, even a large envelope with a single sheet of paper.
A large envelope needs a large envelope stamp. An extra large (foolscap) envelope requires even more stamps.

With insufficient postage, I need to:

  1. Go to the Post Office Sorting Office to pick up the letter
  2. Pay the excess postage
    The excess fine is now a fixed charge of 2 or 3

A 1st class letter requires a 60p stamp. A second class letter requires 50p stamp.
A 1st class large letter requires 90p stamp. A second class large letter requires 69p stamp.
A second class letter in a foolscap envelope is classed as a small parcel and requires 2.80 stamp
. A large letter stamp is not sufficient for a foolscap letter!

A large letter enclosing many forms and photocopies may require more postage.

Today, I had to pay 3.00 excess postage for the privilege of picking up an SYFA A/F at the post office just to sign and forward to Hampden.

Unlike me, Hampden will not pay excess postage on a letter sent to them, so the letter goes uncollected.  Please ensure you put sufficient stamps on any letter.
Please avoid using extra large (foolscap) envelopes unless you are sending 200 pages of A4 and then ensure you have the correct stamps.

Archive News material can be found on the new News Archive page.


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