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Child Protection - The PVG Scheme

All enquiries about PVG should be addressed to Hampden -  playingitsafe@scottish-football.com

ESSDA will be holding a PVG Night as soon as Covid 19 rules allow it.

Any ESSDA coach requiring to complete a PVG Application for SYFA membership is invited to attend. Please see below for requirements to attend and complete a form.
Please drop me a note if you intend to come along to ensure I have sufficient forms.

Thank you to Craigroyston CFC for hosting this event.

Anyone undertaking a supervisory role in any Club must be a member of the Disclosure Scotland PVG Scheme and must understand their roles and responsibilities.

Adults who havenít had the necessary vetting checks should not be left alone with players or take them to the toilet unaccompanied.
For further information on Child Protection, please see http://www.scottishyouthfa.co.uk/index.php/information-downloads/protection-information

Your Club should have a Child Protection Officer who should be able to answer your queries.

To be PVG checked,  every Official must complete either-
A:    PVG Application for Membership (for officials who are not yet members of the PVG Scheme)
B:    Existing PVG Application (for officials with PVG membership for another organisation)
and all Officials must also complete the on line Child Protection and Well Being course on SFA Live.

All PVG applications must be witnessed by an SYFA Additional Signatory.

Each applicant must appear in person and MUST bring the following documents. Photocopied documents are not acceptable:

  1. A signed copy of the SYFA Official Form (signed by the official and the club).
    This form will be emailed to the applicant when they are added to the SYFA registration system.
    All applicants must be added to the SFA Live registration system before applying to join the PVG system.
    Without the SYFA Official Form, please bring a copy of your SFA Live Personal Details screen
  2. Your Passport. If your passport is out of date or has been lost you MUST bring a note of the Passport Number.
  3. Your Photo Driving Licence. If your Driving Licence is out of date or has been lost you MUST bring a note of the Driving Licence Number.
    If you have neither a Photo Driving Licence or Passport or Photo National ID card, then you must bring bring along a witnessed Photograph (as you would need to apply for a new passport) or some other photo id
  4. A note of your National Insurance Number.
  5. Utility Bill or Bank Statement as proof of your current address (must be less than 3 months old).
    Your PVG Scheme Membership Certificate, Driving Licence and Passport may include your address but they are NOT proof of address.
  6. Your address history for last 5 years, including resident from dates.
  7. A note of their PVG Scheme Membership Number (number with 16 digits on left of certificate).
    If you are unsure whether you are a member of the PVG Scheme, then please call the Disclosure Scotland helpdesk on 03000 2000 40.

Please Note: If you do not bring the required documents your PVG Application Form WILL NOT be submitted.

Please Note: If you have both a passport and a driving licence, you must bring BOTH documents

Common excuses:

A:    "I couldn't find my passport"
B:    "I didn't think I needed my passport if I had my driving licence"
C:    "My address is on my driving licence"
D:    "I did a PVG form many years ago but I don't have the certificate"



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