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Winter Football
Player Wanted

Forms must be completed online, but printed copies must be sent with payment
 - Roger Oglesby, 71 Craigleith Hill Gardens, Edinburgh EH4 2JB

All clubs must have registered their players with SYFA (Football 4s, Super 5s, Soccer 7s and Nines 9s) at SFA Live.

Applications for the ESSDA 2019 Season ARE NOW OPEN

There will be four divisions at each age group Pele > Maradona > Zidane > Beckham
The 2009 age group will have the choice of a fifth division Iniesta, between Pele and Maradona.  If there are not enough teams to support each division, I will have to merge divisions.
For 2009s (10s) the choice is Pele > Iniesta >  Maradona > Zidane > Beckham

Please note:
All team officials must be PVG Scheme members with SYFA.
There is no option for supervised coaches who are not PVG Scheme Members with SYFA to coach ESSDA
PVG Scheme Members with their Club or other organisation are not relevant. PVG Scheme Membership must be through SYFA.

Applications for Winter Football 2019 are now CLOSED

  • Riccarton Campus age groups 2011 (8s) 
  • World of Football  age groups 2007 (12s), 2008 (11s), 2009 (10s) and 2010 (9s)


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