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Age Group 12s

Player Wanted

12s Leagues (2012)

2024 Season

Teams playing in season 2024 First Half






Musselburgh Windsor FC

Eastside Rapids Orange

Musselburgh Windsor Blues

Musselburgh Windsor Reds

Currie FC Leopards

Eastside Rapids Black

Murieston United Reds

Musselburgh Windsor Whites

AC Oxgangs CFC

Easthouses FC

Bonnyrigg Rose FC

Currie FC Pumas

Currie FC Jaguars

Bonnyrigg Rose Galaxy

Edinburgh United Whites

Blackburn United Black

Dunbar United Colts Black

Bonnyrigg Rose United

North Merchiston FC Whites

Ecfc Development Whites

Dalkeith Thistle

Bonnyrigg Rose Panthers

North Merchiston FC Blacks

Edinburgh United Grey

Edinburgh City Whites

Ecfc Academy

Edinburgh United Reds

Edinburgh United Black

Edinburgh City Blacks

KSQ Astros

Currie Star FC

Edinburgh City

Edinburgh City Reds

Currie Star Blacks

Redhall Star

KSQ Galaxy

Gala Fairydean Rovers

Currie Star Whites

KSQ Comets

Dalkeith Thistle CFC

Lochend FA

Currie Star Blues

KSQ Rapids

Edina Hibs Whites

Preston Athletic YFC - Dynamite

North Berwick FC

Edina Hibs Greens

Musselburgh Youngstars

Dalkeith Thistle

Linton Hotspur FC

Edinburgh South Reds

Dalkeith Thistle

Lochend FA Colts

North Berwick FC

Penicuik Athletic YFC Greens

Hillfield Swifts Thunder

North Berwick FC

Lochend FA Blues

Dunbar United Colts White

Cramond Green

Hutchison Vale White

Longniddry Villa

Redhall Star

Edinburgh South Greens

Lmyfc Beckham

Edinbirgh South Whites

Edinburgh South Yellows

Eastside Rapids

Edinburgh South Purple

Leith Athletic

Spartans Blacks

Penicuik Athletic YFC Blacks

Chirnside United Juniors

Edinburgh South Blues


Spartans Reds

Salvesen CFC - Reds

Longniddry Villa Colts

Lothian Colts FC



Salvesen CFC

Ratho United

Peebles Football Club



Hutchison Vale Black

Edinburgh South Massive

Hillfield Swifts Assassins



Cramond Red

Preston Athletic YFC - Black

Penicuik Athletic YFC Whites



Lmyfc Dortmund

Hillfield Swifts Lightning

Cramond Blue



Spartans Whites

Craigroyston CYFC Yellows

Lmyfc Leverkusen




Haddington Athletic CFC

Hibernian Community




Hutchison Vale Hornets

Haddington Athletic Clarets




Spartans Greys

Leith Whites




Leith Blacks

Pentland Athletic Blacks




Eyemouth United FC

Pentland Athletic Whites





Pentland Athletic Orange


2012 teams moving to play 11v11 after summer. Please see SERYFA website details.

The SFA/SYFA Player Pathway says that the 2012 age group will move to play 11 a side after summer for the 2024/2025 season with SERYFA

12s Transition Festivals

SFA/SYFA Transition Events for teams moving to 11 aside after summer 2024 will take place in May 2024

Teams must not play 11 aside until after the transition festival
Applications for the SERYFA Under 13 league will be available on the SERYFA website
Applications are due by June 2024.  Do not be late!

Match Secretary:-  Roger Oglesby


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