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Player Pathway


Registration 2017
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ESSDA has signed up to the SFA/SYFA Player Pathway and is fully committed to following the Pathway.
You will see that the diagrams give a clear Pathway for the Children to follow.

Age Group Season 2017
First Half Second Half
  March - June August - December
2004 Under 13s XIs Under 14s XIs
2005 12s Soccer 7s Under 13s XIs
2006 11s Soccer 7s 11s Soccer 7s
2007 10s Soccer 7s 10s Soccer 7s
2008 9s Soccer 7s 9s Soccer 7s
2009 8s Super 5s 8s Super 5s
2010 7s Football 4s 7s Football 4s

The transition to the Player Pathway will mean new age groups joining ESSDA in January each year for our Winter Football Program.

XIs football will be played in the SERYFA (Lothian Bus) Leagues.

In future, ESSDA will only have a 12s age group for half a season January - June, after which teams will join the SERYFA (Lothian Bus) league as Under 13s.

ESSDA will offer Football 4s / Super 5s for two groups, 8s and 7s for two half seasons March to June and August to December. We also hope to put on some kind of winter program in January and February.

ESSDA/SFA Winter Football will run in January and February for 8s, 9s, 10s, 11s and 12s.

The SFA /SYFA Player Pathway 2017 can be summarised as:-

Age Year Game Ball Size Throw In? Pass Back Retreating Line Free Kicks
7 2010 Football 4s 3 Kick No n/a Indirect
8 2009 Super 5s 3 Kick No n/a Indirect
9 2008 Soccer 7s 4 Kick No Yes Indirect
10 2007 Soccer 7s 4 Kick No Yes Indirect
11 2006 Soccer 7s 4 Throw Yes No Normal
12 2005 Soccer 7s 4 Throw Yes No Normal

Current playing rules can be downloaded from the SYFA website.



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Last modified: 30 November 2017