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Winter Football Rules


Player Wanted

ESSDA Winter Football 2017



The rules for Winter Football at World of Football and Soccer City will be as last year:-

  •   Matches are 5 a side (Age 8s play Football 4s)

  •   Only players and coaches should enter the playing area

  •   One coach should assume the role of "match controller" and adjudicate where necessary

  •   Start with a normal kick off at the centre at beginning of play and after every goal

  •   Please continue playing if the ball hits the wall unless the wall is being used deliberately to gain advantage.

  •   Attackers cannot enter the goal keepers area
    (to give goalkeepers some protection)

  •   Defenders can enter their goal keeper’s area - we don't want too many free kicks around the goal

  •   Goalkeepers must distribute the ball under arm

  •   No slide tackling

  •   All free kicks are indirect

  •   Games stop at the sound of the hooter.
    Please move quickly to next game and start immediately. Start as soon as both teams are ready, don't wait for the hooter

  •   If one team is getting a hammering, apply constraints to the winning team (eg use weaker foot)

  •   Emphasise and encourage good play and good sportsmanship

  •   Enjoy the event and be happy to be playing inside and not in the wind/rain/snow/mud.

Take care entering /exiting the venue. Please drive carefully / slowly when parking at the venue.

If clubs are unable to attend a scheduled fixture at either World of Football or Soccer City, please contact your opposition to explain and to let them know. This may allow them to make alternate arrangements rather than stand around aimlessly waiting for a no show.

Please report any issues to the ESSDA or the Venue Reception Desk,


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Last modified: 05/08/2018